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Finger Saver Bow Waxer


Lightweight handmade leather bow waxer for archers. Get a smooth even wax every time without the finger burn!

This simple yet ingenious bow waxer is perfect for archery enthusiasts! Avoid finger burn and get an even wax every time to level up your bullseye game. This easy to control simple design helps save on wax too! The absorbent genuine leather saves residual wax for a quick touch up.

This handmade and durable bow waxer comes with a comfortable notch grip for easy right-handed or left-handed use. Square corners help you wax all the way to the nut. That’s some good waxing! No matter if you are a traditional recurve shooter with a classic bare bow or a compound bow shooter with all the latest and greatest tech… the bow wax buddy will keep that string looking new and maintained! Small and lightweight, it’s a perfect-sized bow waxer to keep in your case.

To use the Finger Saver Bow Waxer: Simply apply wax as normal, place string between the leather flaps and apply pressure with the thumb and forefinger. Keep pressure while working in the wax using an up and down motion without moving the string.


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